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Terrylynn Fisher is a veteran of real estate having seen market conditions in all types of markets over the last 30 years. She responds by upping her expertise to assist her clients in whatever challenges they face on a day to day basis with their real estate. Many become lifelong friends thus “realtor for life” is what many of them refer to her as, when they speak of Terrylynn.

The beauty of experience is that she has years of knowledge and over 500 transactional experiences to call upon when serving your needs. There is very little she has not experienced in her career and/or tried for herself and her family with their real estate investing. This gives clients peace of mind that they have a proactive Realtor on their journey, whether it be a first purchase, luxury purchase, relocation, exchange, property management, divorce, short sale and foreclosure alternatives (HAFA Certified) or whatever the circumstance. Seller’s find she has an amazing staging intuition and with a team of qualified stagers and assistants they have a proven track record of realizing more money for clients when they make small improvements with big impact. And the best part is the bottom line profit sellers make by following the staging advice and investing in their property.

Check her references, you’ll find once they use Terrylynn they are clients for life. Buyers and sellers agree that the key is that Terrylynn is an advocate, proactive on the client’s behalf, guiding and advising clients on the options and decisions they will be facing in an instructional way that allows them to make their own decisions. Always holding her conviction that people are smart enough to make their own decisions she believes that REALTOR and RESOURCE are synomous, whatever the situation. Others say she’s their “real estate mom, as she offers sound advice without the nagging”. Whatever the situation,. IF she doesn’t know the answer she will know how to find it.


"It’s your real estate journey…I am the guide! It costs no more to have experience behind your real estate decisions."