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Jennifer Lezcano is a Real Estate agent who has a genuine passion for what she does. As a teacher for years, she dedicated her life to helping others achieve their goals, working tirelessly to find the best solution for many different needs. As a Realtor, she lives by these same standards, and through constant communication and listening, research and negotiation, strives to give her clients the highest level of service and success.

Jennifer is a Bay Area Native through and through- she grew up here, went to school here, taught here, and has raised her two sons here. She appreciates the fast-paced environment of the East Bay and how to navigate its markets, as well as having a deep understanding of what makes this area so unique. Her greatest joy as a Realtor is watching her clients find their perfect home, knowing that her first-had knowledge and experience of the area enabled them to make the choice with confidence. Matching a buyer with a home, or a seller with the perfect terms come as a result of truly caring for client’s needs, paying attention to what they are looking for, and making the decisions that will benefit them most. Choosing to buy or sell is a huge life decision, which is why when a client places their trust in Jennifer, she gives them her all.

Jennifer’s love of working with others extends even further than her career as a Realtor, but into her family and community as well. When she is not working, Jennifer is spending time with her husband and two boys, volunteering at their schools and sporting events, and acting as Team Manager for the class of 2020 Boys’ Team Charity. No matter what endeavor she is on, Jennifer lives by her favorite quote by Rebecca Alder, “There is excitement and joy and suspense in the journey.”