agent spotlight September 10, 2020

Agent Spotlight On Adam Hamalian


“Right out of college and as a newlywed, we lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. This is where I fell in love with Maryanne’s Ice Cream, especially Hwy 17 (Rocky Road).”

“I managed the Student Union Games Area at Cal Poly. I managed the video arcade, pool, ping pong and foozball tables, but our main attraction was a 10 lane bowling alley. I never could get my average above 200 but I had a lot of fun trying. One of my favorite things to do was pick the music to play in the games area. We all know certain music thanks to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. I would put on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite and all the guys standing around the pool tables would simultaneously tap out the music with their pool cues completely oblivious of the other 9 guys doing the same thing.”

“I roast my own coffee. I not sure if you would count this as a hobby or an addiction, but it works either way for me. The largest supplier of green beans for home roasting in the US, Sweet Maria’s, is right here in the Bay Area. They supply fair trade and farm gate beans from around the world. I am on my third or fourth roaster. I prefer a darker roast which tends to have less caffeine and less of the flavor of origin. If I wanted to taste the plant I would be drinking tea. I roast about half a pound of beans a day which last my wife and I about two days depending on if I pull an afternoon espresso or not. I am often asked if I roast better than Starbucks or Peets, and the answer is maybe. But what I do benefit from is the freshness of the roast. I usually am brewing from roasted beans that are about 24-48 hours old. Think of it like bread. Would you rather have bread that came out of the oven today or yesterday, or would you like bread in a plastic bag from the grocery store shelf. That’s why I roast.”


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What’s New with Dudum?

Dudum Happenings!


With the launching of the rebranded as well as the new intranet built on the MoxiWorks platform, there will be a ton of exciting changes and features for you to take advantage of. In addition to announcing those, we will also update you here on upcoming events, trainings, changes, and more! Remember to check here often to keep up with the company news!